That's why we're having a pre-new years party.

Here's why,

We all love to party on New Years Eve but let's face it, its always a bit of a let down because the clubs are to busy, its impossible to get in anywhere and if you do it will cost you an arm and a leg & you'll be waiting at the bar for most of the night, Nobody wants that, so we have decided to have a Pre New Years Eve Party so we can celebrate the coming of another year of bad decisions and to much alcohol with out all the hassle.

Here's how it works,

We meet at 8:30PM at Plac Wszystkich Swiętych (it's just of the main square) we then go on a two-hour tram ride around Krakow with a tram that's fully kitted out to party and the best part is you can bring your own alcohol so it won't break the bank. We then go on an after party pub crawl to 3 of Krakow's best clubs with VIP entry and free welcome shots, so that means no waiting in line and we will be partying with you the entire night.

So how can you join?

Tickets are 90zl(21€) and you can book them on the following widget but bare in mind we will most likely sell out.



tel:+48 577 929 968



Plac Wszystkich Swietych

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